I had not thought about this until it bottoms out, I began to fall asleep everywhere, because at night not sleeping well, snored a lot and very high, my blood pressure began to rise much walking I got tired quickly, and did not clothes to wear, eat poorly and extreme anxiety, about the pressure of people around me who attacked me and discriminated by fat, and that if there was going to put lower etc. is added Seeing all this was when taking the decision to investigate the matter and seeking information on health programs that would allow me to improve was when I came to his hand a pamphlet about bariatric surgery, that's when I met Dr. Contreras who guided me and led in the whole process before, during and after my surgery complemented by nutritionist and psychologists all have made me a better person and healthier. After my surgery, I had a little trepidation about how would my eating, because as had such a messy way to eat, but everything was flowing excellently, do not feel anxiety, and small portions will you meet. For me it was the best decision I have taken, to improve my health to 100%, Dr. Giancarlo Contreras is the best.

Pilar Selman Dominican Republic Initial Weight: 262 pounds | Actual Weight: 217 pounds | Time: 2 months